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Your Trusted Handmade Invitation Cards Supplier Since 1999

HMWpaper.com stands for Handmade World Paper. We manufacture And Handmade Invitation Cards Supplier here in INDIA. Providing stylish and elegant handmade paper products worldwide, and we’ve been doing this since 1999. This makes us the oldest, most recognized online handmade invitation cards supplier in India.

Handmade World is an India-based wholesale invitation cards and paper crafts supplier to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Over the past 16+ years, we continuously improve our products and services, expanding to become a major wholesale invitation manufacturer and supplier. Our passion extends far beyond manufacturing high quality paper crafts and designs. At the heart of our business is the dedication that we give to our customers to be able tot provide the kind of excellent service they deserve.

Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Paper, Elegant Designs, and Handmade Invitations for All Occasions

Handmade World is a leader in the wholesale invitation industry. Our unique eye for the finer details has attracted countless clients globally. Our passion for creating paper crafts and years of solid experience in the industry have led us to expand our offerings. We are a one-stop online shop for creative handmade paper products can be used for invitations, scrapbook, arts and crafts, and so much more!

We offer a wide range of elegantly handcrafted decorative papers and wedding invitation cards. Our products include: embossed paper, flocked paper, printed paper, chiffon paper, glitter paper, DIY invitations, handmade paper invitations, baby shower invitations, laser cut invitations and many more.

Our design team boasts over decades of creative experience which has inevitably resulted in producing a wide range of designs and product offerings. We closely follow wedding trends and modern designs to give our customers different options to choose from, until they find the right style that matches their theme, occasion, and personality.

Handmade World specializes in handmade wedding invitations, save the date cards, weddings tags, thank you cards, place cards, pocket fold invitations, and wedding invitation cards and envelopes. We also offer birthday invitation cards, baby shower invitations, favor boxes, laser cut invitations, glitter laser cut invites, and so much more! Whatever your occasion is, we will make sure to make even more special with our handmade paper crafts and products.

Why Choose Handmade World for Your Paper and Invitation Needs?

Homemade World is an online handmade invitation cards supplier with a global clientele. We are committed to provide only the best options and highest quality of products for any occasions. Whether you’re a wholesale reseller, retail shop owner, or an individual customer, we offer excellent packages to suit your needs and budget.

We offer a wide range of elegantly handcrafted decorative papers and invitation cards for all occasions. Moreover, all our products showcase customization and uniqueness. Choose from exceptional quality designs you will love, at a price you can feel good about!

We promise to help you mark all the special events in your life with art, beauty, and love. We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 for your questions, inquiries, or orders.